Finding The YOU in Your Wedding Venues

The Venue. One of the largest decisions in booking a wedding and one of the largest factors towards your wedding ambiance.  With so many choices of venues out there it can be overwhelming as to which one would be the best for your big day. But for today’s blog we are going to focus on the sole detail in finding that perfect venue that flatters both yours and your fiancés personality and traits.

With so many options out there is can definitely be overwhelming as to which venues to even contact. My suggestion for couples is to make sure that they both agree on the type and look of venue in which they envision when they think about their big day. That way you can go into this with a clear mind. After all, any reducing the amount of research in which you will do on the computer (or mobile device) is always a good thing!

Do you both love the outdoors? Do you typically use wood rounds and greenery when decorating for your dinner parties? Are you possibly more of the country folk type who enjoy the smell of hay and leather? Is baby’s breath and burlap a regular occurrence in your home décor? Or are you possibly both the more elegant and lavish type who loves grand gestures?

With couples who love the outdoors/nature and who have always dreamed of a rustic elegant wedding I always love to share with them our beautiful but still quaint Masa’s Bar & Grill. After all, just because you love the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to celebrate out in heat of the summer with the bugs. This spacious venue features more of a relaxed but equally elegant venue with its vaulted ceilings, grand floor to ceiling windows, and stunning wood post and beam features. The perfect venue for those who feel energized and at home in the beautiful outdoors.

Now for couples who are looking for a lavish and elegant atmosphere to make that big statement for their wedding, I always enjoy sharing with them the beauty of our ballroom. Upon arriving to this venue, its boisterous foyer stands above you with its amazing chandeliers and rich wood trim. Then upon entering into the ballroom you will not be disappointed for its 17ft vaulted ceilings and massive chandeliers are sure to make you say B.EA.U.T.I.F.U.L. It really is the perfect venue for the couple who is looking for that WOW factor.