The happiest day of your life… your wedding day! Though through all this joy it is common for couples to yearn to include their deceased loved ones into the day some way. After all, it is a day of celebration with all loved ones… even those who are not physically present.

Today I will be sharing with you all of the very clever and beautiful ways in which I have seen this done first hand.  And during these times I have to admit that those which were made in the most subtle of ways always seemed to have the greatest effect.

  1. Wearing what was once a belonging of your loved one is a very precious way to feel close to them. Whenever I see a bride placing a bracelet of great sentiment on her wrist or pining a small family broach inside the bodice of her dress you can always see the transparency of the love that she has for that individual. Never mind the reassurance that is felt of having something so precious and close to them in this emotional moment.
  2. Including a small locket and photo within your wedding bouquet can be one of the most heart wrenching of them all. For the bride to actually see the deceased loved one right before walking down the aisle is truly a special moment for there is no better way than to feel them near on this magical day of yours.
  3. Incorporating your deceased love ones’ favorite flowers into your wedding flower bouquet is another lovely consideration for a bride to make and in turn a tradition that is sure to be treasured by many generations to come. For family is all about where we came from.
  4. Playing your deceased grandparents or parents wedding song at your wedding is a very powerful action. After all, what better way is there to make an acknowledgement of those who were in matrimonial for many years and in turn who consistently showed you what true love really is.
  5. Leaving them a seat. Whether it is a seat with a name written in calligraphy or a seat with an exquisite portrait this is yet another amazing tribute to those who are deceased for you are making it known to all that while they have past they are not forgotten and will continue to be a part of the important moments in your eyes.