B.A.L.A.N.C.E. One word that is so relevant in everyone’s life. Whether it is balance in your diet, balance in your lifestyle, balance between work and play, or balance within your wedding plans; these are all key aspects to a happy and memorable engagement! While this is such a loaded topic, for this discussion we are going to hone in on balance within your wedding coordination and budget.

Everyone has or has had that friend or family member who only ever talks about that one thing that is happening in their personal life and never asks how you are doing, right? Well this happens oh too often when planning a wedding. After all planning a wedding is really a full time job on top of your already full time job, and maybe even already raising a family. Busy, right!? So while creating your wedding checklists and timelines allow yourself time to enjoy your engagement. Include your friends in the coordination and the design, and ask their opinions. Even if you end up not taking their suggestions they will appreciate that you had valued them enough to ask. And remember while your brain is full of seating charts, napkin folds, timelines, and to-do lists they have their own lives going on parallel to yours; and we now know it is important to find balance within working on the wedding together as well as being there for each other no matter what the situation or time.

After all there is always time for an impromptu “therapy session” with your bestie. What better place for this then while gluing those blush rose pearls onto your wedding table number frames together! While it is important to keep the balance in your relationships, it is also extremely important to remain balanced within yourself.

It is imperative to work within your set budget and be confident with your purchases, but equally important to consider your personal mental and physical health. An example of this that I have seen oh too many times would be those adorable DIY guest favors which would have taken you a week to build, paint, and individually wrap (probably during the last month before your wedding when you are already too stressed out) now feels like a chore rather than a fun creative task for one of the most memorable days of your life.

For balance in a wedding budget my first suggestion to couples is to always think about your dream wedding day and which of its factors would be vital to your happiness and the day’s success. Your responses should then become the aspects that need to become top priority in your budget. Within my experience of working with couples, the most popular key factors seem to always be photography (as these photos will be how you remember this day for the rest of your lives), the cuisine (as we all know bad food can ruin your guests impression of an event), the entire atmosphere of the event (created with either your venue or if you happen to have a basic venue, then the decorations), and having those key people available on your day to make the decisions and do the heavy lifting for you while you just sit back and enjoy being a bride or groom for a day.

If this happens to be your list as well, then you know that the photographer, the catering, the venue, and a Wedding Planner (or Day of Coordinator) are the crucial aspects of your wedding day. So when looking for these vendors, choose the one that is most ideal for your budget and for what you are looking for. If your dream photographer happens to be a few hundred dollars more than expected, take that $200 from another section of your budget that didn’t attain key factor status and be comfortable in your decision. Hopefully through this process you will discover that maybe certain items which originally had required a lot of your time, attention, and dollars didn’t actually attain key factor status and this will encourage you to re-evaluate their significance to the day and in turn make the best decision for yourself. Thus restoring balance within your budget and life once again.

Thanks so much for spending a few minutes with me!

I hope that you have found this to be helpful and ensure to stay tuned for more blogs to come.

Happy Wedding Planning!